Poultry Care: 2016 and Beyond

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Responsibility for the welfare of the animals in our care has always been a part of our company’s stewardship commitment, and we’ve long had a robust program of poultry care. We strive to ensure the health, comfort and respectful treatment of poultry, with a focus on continuous improvement.

We feel good that our chickens are raised on family farms, in an environment that protects them from the elements, with constant access to food, water, fresh-air ventilation, periods of light and dark, and room to move about.

We also know we can and should do more. We are proud of the dedication of the farm families who raise our chickens, and of our associates who work with them. Together, they carry out our commitment to responsible animal stewardship. Even so, as a company, we need to elevate our standards.

We invite you to learn about how we care for our chickens now, as well as our commitment to accelerating our progress to transform the way we raise chickens and our relationship with the families who grow those chickens.

Meet the Farmers

Meet a few of the farmers who raise chickens for Perdue.

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